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Forget full service, we deliver full experience

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We’re a creative and technology agency that gets excited about social, cultural impact and innovation with data and tech along with visionaries behind them.

Founded by the husband-and-wife duo Peter & Ari Krzyzek, our team specialize in establishing strong brand pillars and online experiences.

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How we deliver our promise

We take pride in each project that we take on while giving you delight throughout our process. As a result, we foster continuous learning in our team so we can be at our best when it comes to helping you and your brand succeed.

Chykalophia is WBE WBENC certified
Ari Krzyzek certified Level C Brand Strategist
NAWBO Certified Minority Women's Business Enterpreise

What’s In the Name?

It started out long before we even thought about building a company …

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Chykalophia is built with dreams and passions from creative-and-tech driven visionaries who loves what they do. Our core value as a team is transparency. In the spirit of truth telling …

we don’t have all the answers

Though we love the challenge of finding them.

Words From the Team

Meet the dream team that make it work.

Ari KrzyzekAri Krzyzek

Like everyone else, you have a brand whether it's by default or by design. Own who you are and let that shine through your branding.

Ari Krzyzek

CEO & Head of Strategy

Peter KrzyzekPeter Krzyzek

Everything is possible with technology as long as it's properly mapped out, planned and budgeted for.

Peter Krzyzek

Chief Technology Officer

Danica AleksicDanica Aleksic

Developing your professional skills will make you feel accomplished - designing your life so it suits your beliefs, not other people, will make you feel truly happy.

Danica Aleksić

Project Manager

Zeljko MilosevicZeljko Milosevic

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Zeljko Milosevic

Senior Web Developer

Victor CuamboVictor Cuambo

Being a developer is like dealing with life. Some things you do might work out, some things might not. In the end, you just need to be there and think of how to improve.

Victor Cuambot

Web Developer

Ahmad AridaAhmad Arida

I believe good design can make big impact on business, hence it could bring impact to society as well.

Ahmad Arida

Design Lead


No design is perfect because things always change. The best things to do is to not rely on perfection but on iteration.

Ihsan Hadi Firdaus

Senior Digital Designer

Nadya OngNadya Ong

Our values shape and motivate us. Without them, goals rarely get accomplished.

Nadya Ong

Content Writer & Manager


Your mind is programmable - if you're not programming your mind, else will program it for you.

Benjamin Yalung

Web Developer


Success is a state of mind, if you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

Janine Aguja

Web Developer

Arini HanindharputriArini Hanindharputri

Being happy motivates you to work hard toward success. Continuous success brings you joy, and the cycle continues.

Arini Hanindharputri

Bali – Client Rep

Nanta ListyadanaNanta Listyadana

People said that quality is more important than a design. It's true but not 100% correct. In reality, design is a way of conveying quality.

Yogananta Listyadana

Associate UX/UI Designer

Viviana AnayaViviana Anaya

Being happy motivates you to work hard toward success. Continuous success brings you joy, and the cycle continues.

Viviana Anaya

UX Researcher

Yogi IrhandiYogi Irhandi

Creativity has always been the compass in that guided me throughout my journey. It becomes the solution in every challenge to success.

Yogi Irhandi

Bali – Client Rep

Laila AdilaLaila Adila

No matter how ugly the design is, there must be someone who likes it. As good as the design is, there are who don't like it. Try it first.

Laila Adila

Junior UI/UX Designer

Yoga PurnamaYoga Purnama

Good Design is clear thinking made visible. And animation will make that come to life. Be great in the exceptions, the rest will follow.

Yoga Purnama

Associate Motion Graphic Designer

Romar MillanRomar Millan

Never stop learning. Always sharpen your skills. Look for challenges that will boost your passion. Be cautious but never be afraid to make mistakes.

Romar Millan

Web Developer

Chrismer AmbayChrismer Ambay

In my day-to-day interactions, I strive for humility, but I enjoy being able to share new tips, and tactics. particularly those who work with me on each given project.

Chrismer Ambay

Junior Web Developer

Tina FebrianiTina Febriani

Live a positive life, don't let negative things interfere with our lives.

Tina Febriani

Social Media Assistant

Joel SanguenzaJoel Sanguenza

The path to success and the path to failure are almost exactly the same. The moment you stop chasing your dream is also the moment you fail.

Joel Sanguenza

Intern Web Developer


We should take the risk or we miss the chance.

Francis Navarro

Intern Web Developer

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