We Joined The Northbrook Chamber Of Commerce!

This is an amazing year! First Glenview and now we’re moving on to conquer Northbrook. We’ve joined the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce. We’ll be going to their First Friday Networking events as well as trying out their Small Office-Home Office (SOHO) and Technology Lunch Networking events. This should be a really fun time!

The Two Worst Mistakes Your Business Is Making Right Now Online

Most likely, your business is making these two horrible mistakes online which cost you many clients, time/energy and brand image loss. Put these together and that means you’re ROI goes down (bad thing) and your costs increase (also bad). This isn’t something to do with SEO (search engine optimization), naming conventions or even sales funnels! […]

What Your Online Image Says About You

Most people either make a website themselves or have one made without caring too much about the presentation. As long as it’s “good enough” they are happy and soon forget that the website ever existed. There’s a similar mentality for their other online properties such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Though like any good investment, […]

Why Hire A Consultant – Three Extremely Darn Good Reasons!

There are many good reasons why hire a consultant, but here are three extremely darn good reason really why you need to hire professional consultants on any project. These three reasons are: fees, expertise and objectivity. A good consultant (or consulting firm) will be able to match your requirements to their offer and work extremely […]

Interview with eMazeMe Founder Chris Pauly

I had the privilege of having lunch with Chris Pauly the other day. He is one of the founders of a great new local lead generation site called eMazeMe (http://www.emazeme.com). During our lunch we had a great discussion over how eMazeMe got started, some of the technology used, about the eMazeMe team and how they […]

Start The New 2012 Year Off Right By Knowing Your Past

Welcome to the new year. 2012 has so many awesome revelations for us all and so many exciting paths to walk. The Mayan calendar ends, the world is also ‘supposed’ to end and it’s our time to put our mistakes behind us and improve our businesses. The past though, should not be forgotten. It holds […]

Chykalophia Group Is Ready For Action!

It’s been a long time coming and now it’s finally here, the official Chykalophia Group website! We’ve got pretty portfolios, great web forms and best of all …we’ve got an awesome, action packed, informational section called “Learn” where we’ll we posting oodles and oodles of information! We’ll write about writing, business, design and development all […]

11 Key Questions To Find The Best Web Hosting Provider For Your Company

With so many different hosting options available to corporations it can get hard to select the perfect option. A cheap web hosting provider will over promise and under deliver, while others do exactly what they say they will and more but cost a lot more and others give you way too many features you’ll never […]