You’re Not Alone: Confessions From Real Entrepreneurs About Business

Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and frustrating sometimes as there are many times when we all feel like no one gets us, there's no sympathy to go around or even that we're alone in our struggles. The good news is that you're, most likely, not crazy nor alone in your endeavors and many people share your problems (or problems similar to yours).

On the Groove Learning Facebook group there was a fun conversation about things that trouble us as entrepreneurs but we're unable to convey to many people. Here are some fun snippets:

“I f**cking HATE Marketing” — Donald S. (A marketing professional)

A lot of people jump on on this question and we got answers from hating the phone, to bill collections, a few funny ones, personal productivity oriented ones and even feelings of guilt.

Let's jump into some Juicy ones and their replies:

“I hate that I feel like I should feel guilty (does that make sense?) for spending a couple of hours after dinner a few times a week gaming with my friends. Everyone is all 24/7 hustle, if you're not grinding you're never going to make it etc etc but I just need to chill out and shoot some people every now and then ?

/rant” — Laura L.

Many agreed here as it really is tough to do the entrepreneurial grind while trying to maintain sanity and some semblance of a social life. A great reply to that one was that they had to “train my mind for this one actually. I now think of this time as mental health….”

A few replies similar to this one:

I HATE managing people and teams who should know what to do already.

As a great person, we always try to be good and be nice to people right? But some people just don't “get it” nor are able to keep a professional, yet friendly, work environment and yet then they are surprised when they are fired!

A lot of us probably feel similar to this one from Queen-Jordannee L.:

I hate the fact that I feel like I have to have it all before I start something.

Slightly funny yet a bit sad at the same time by Jerry C.:

I'm good at the stuff I hate doing and hate the stuff I'm good at doing

And one that speaks very true to me from Dara K.:

I hate speaking to people on the phone.

Maybe it's just me, but the phone generally seems like a rather poor method of communication for most things I do. It's one of the reasons I have phone days and rarely answer the phone if it's not a scheduled call … the phone, when it's an incoming unscheduled call, is a big time disrupter for me and thus I avoid it.

Distractions are generally bad and I see the phone as one (usually). Though I'm also a hypocrite as when I call someone I except them to pick up always. Heh. Though, I also usually schedule calls with people as well.



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