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Build a Brand They Love Using the 5 Love Languages

It seems like you can never see eye to eye with your audience. Whatever campaign you do, you just can’t connect and engage with your audience.

Familiar with this feeling?

If so, you may consider speaking the five love languages to your audience. Yes, the love languages that you use to maintain your personal relationships with your loved ones — the same languages also work for your marketing campaigns. People want to feel connected, and using love languages on your brand can help build that connection.

Keep on reading to find out how you can apply all the five love languages for your brand.

1. Words of Affirmation

Words are powerful and are even more powerful for some people whose primary love language is words of affirmation.

Finding your story is the very first step in building your brand, but that doesn’t end there. It needs polishing and honing so your audience can enjoy and relate to your brand story — which you can do by really understanding your audience’s needs and pain points.

A relatable brand story is a very high-level move, though. For day-to-day practice, you may consider creating a personalized experienced such as taking an extra five minutes to write a personal thank-you email or sending a unique coupon for their next purchase.

2. Receiving Gifts

People whose primary language is receiving gifts feel most appreciated when someone gives them something. Pretty straightforward, no?

For this type of audience, freebies would be much appreciated. However, you don’t have to send free stuff every time someone buys something from you, especially if your marketing budget doesn’t allow this kind of splurging.

Try taking a different yet familiar road, like providing a gift guide from your brand. This would be particularly useful if it’s included in your pre-holidays marketing campaigns.

3. Physical Touch

We’d say this love language can be done effortlessly in a brick-and-mortar store — by providing free samples or dummies that people can touch and try before buying. But what about digital brands whose existence is only in the realm of the internet?

Don’t worry, it’s not a dead end. Digital media consists of different touchpoints or channels, and you can utilize each one to deliver the best experiences and services. Here are a couple of examples:

  • If your main channel is your website, you may consider investing in UX and UI design to create a seamless, delightful, and engaging experience.
  • If you have a huge follower base on Instagram, register your brand on Instagram Shopping so people can check out your products and prices, or even shop right away.

4. Quality Time

List down what touchpoints and channels you have, then see how you can spend time with your audience on each one. Some examples:

  • Schedule bi-weekly live sessions on social media. To determine the topic, create a poll a week or two before the date.
  • Send weekly email newsletters to give your audience personalized updates.
  • Create a seasonal pop-up store or join a local bazaar if possible.

5. Acts of Services

The last love language is a no-brainer as almost every single audience can relate to this one. After all, your product or service is here to help them solve their problems, right?

What you need to do, however, is constantly communicate how your brand can help, show social proof, and add more delight to the user experience — in line with the physical touch love language. This way, your audience feels that your brand supports them and is always ready to help them with their problems.

Love Languages Help You to Relate with Your Audience

Speaking love languages in your marketing strategy can help deliver your brand message in a more relatable way. Thus, the audience enjoys your campaigns and trust is established.

However, remember not to love-bomb your audience with all these five languages. They will find it forced. Stick to one love language or two at a time, and apply the others in your next campaigns. And if you want to learn more about branding and marketing, make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Next Draft! — emphasis on monthly, we will never spam you 😉

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