Get Ideas & Strategies For Your Brand & Website – Open Brainstorm Event October 4th, 2014

Get Ideas & Strategies For Your Brand & Website – Open Brainstorm Event October 4th, 2014

Join us, Peter & Ari (Chykalophia) Krzyzek, as we sponsor the first Open Brainstorm Event by Chykalophia in conjunction with The Founding Mom's Foundation. This goes along with The Founding Mom's Conference on October 6th.

Event Details:

October 4th, 2014
6pm till 7.30pm

Next Door Cafe
659 W. Diversey
Chicago 60614

What we'll cover:

We're there discussing and brainstorming:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website optimization
  • SEO
  • Content creation & strategy
  • Viral Content
  • Youtube (and videos)
  • Effective websites
  • and other topics that you wish to discuss related to branding and websites.

Drop in anytime between 6pm and 7.30: we're holding an open forum discussion.

What you'll get my joining us:

  • Expert advice
  • Ideas
  • Strategies
  • Our special offers on future services limited ONLY to participants of this events and the Founding Mom's Conference

Our Special offers:

Chykalophia is offering Business Growth Strategies & Marketing to create a consistent brand image and improve business both offline & online on one day only.

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931 Hinman Ave. 3, Evanston IL


931 Hinman Ave. 3, Evanston IL

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