You’re Not Alone: Confessions From Real Entrepreneurs About Business

Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and frustrating sometimes as there are many times when we all feel like no one gets us, there’s no sympathy to go around or even that we’re alone in our struggles. The good news is that you’re, most likely, not crazy nor alone in your endeavors and many people […]

2012 Journey

The year 2013 is now a matter of hours. A full year of 2012 has gone by us so quickly, a lot had happened and we feel that we achieved so much this year. We’re hoping the next year will bring greater opportunity for all of us and wishing  everyone a great time on the […]

Start The New 2012 Year Off Right By Knowing Your Past

Welcome to the new year. 2012 has so many awesome revelations for us all and so many exciting paths to walk. The Mayan calendar ends, the world is also ‘supposed’ to end and it’s our time to put our mistakes behind us and improve our businesses. The past though, should not be forgotten. It holds […]

Add Pinterest Pin It Button To Blogger Post

Last time I wrote about how to add Pinterest Pin It button I designed to WordPress Page and Post, today since I realize that other Pinterest addicts who happen to love blogging as well are using Blogger instead of WordPress. So cheer up Bloggers, here’s the simple way to add the Pin It button to […]

Chykalophia Group Is Ready For Action!

It’s been a long time coming and now it’s finally here, the official Chykalophia Group website! We’ve got pretty portfolios, great web forms and best of all …we’ve got an awesome, action packed, informational section called “Learn” where we’ll we posting oodles and oodles of information! We’ll write about writing, business, design and development all […]

Every Pixel Matters

When you’re starting to set your goals, you want to have it perfect right? So does everybody else. The first time I decided to resign from the company I’ve work for and go freelance I imagined that the road would be easy and that I could design whatever I wanted. Well, it hasn’t worked out […]

Graphic Design Compilation of Halloween Artwork

When October comes and all the leaves are changing colors it awakens the Fall season and of course the Halloween season. I’m pretty sure you have seen a lot of Halloween theme artwork for the pas few weeks. Though it’s not over yet. The “scary” day is still coming until you finished on checking up […]

Support Pink – Designs for Breast Cancer Month

Breast cancer has become an international awareness of which happen annually in October. With so many foundations, organizations to companies trying to support the cause of Support Pink, I found some best artwork in graphic design and multimedia that deliver the message and ideas. Though, since the Support Pink campaign is not limited to the […]

Ecommerce Store Design: 5 Tips to Help you Sell More

Clunky layouts, dreary aesthetics and a confusing user experience can ruin the online shopping experience. Understanding how to effectively design your ecommerce site can go a long way in building your clientele, increasing loyalty and driving sales.  The tips below are top-level concepts that should be employed in all phases of store design – so […]

Add Pinterest Pin It Button To WordPress Page & Post

I was working on one web design project for vintage event/theme rental company, Intaglio Vintage of which you have seen the teaser on my Facebook Page. And since Pinterest has been very common for the owners, I propose the idea of adding the Pinterest Pin It button for their blog post and inventories.