5 Pointers About Typography Your Site Will Love

At the heart of all good web design lies careful attention to the provision of a first class UX. Your website needs not only to look great, but also to be easy to find, access, and navigate. To a large extent, this comes down to your UI. The easier it is for visitors to use […]

Copyright Info For Your Design Work

Copyright Info For Your Design Work via @chykalophia

It usually starts with a new client asking you to create a design for them, either for web or print. It’s a great thing right? Of course, until they ask you to send them the original or source files for the project. What do you do then?

Glenview Chamber Women Roundtable Lunch

It’s not everyday that we got to hangout and have a nice lunch with other women in business who are part of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce. Even special because today Ari got a chance to be a speaker for the lunch this month. She will be speaking about how a good design means a […]

DesigningTips.com Interview With Ari Krzyzek

Woot! Few days ago we got a chance to be interviewed by Jay from DesigningTips.com. The interview has been published and we definitely hope it will give you more inspirations and insight about design in general or even specifically as an individual designer. Read the full interview.

Adding WP Featured Image To Mailchimp RSS Campaign

Sending out newsletter email to your client or your blog readers is one of the best approach to keep them into your inner circle. But sometimes, it took a while to prepare the content for your upcoming campaign or a special newsletter for them. There’s a simpler way: blog post! Yup, a simple blog post […]

Behind The Making: Redesign v.4

Some of you might notice the big changes on the website. It’s new, it’s different, yet still classic. I’ve been wanting to redesign this website and finally got the chance to do so earlier this month. If you remember, the previous design was dominated with grey and blue. Well, I got tired of my husband […]