Glenview Business Expo Fall 2012

Last Wednesday, we joined the Glenview Business Expo for the Fall season of 2012. We were really excited since it was our very first business expo booth, yay! Having the experience of having our first business expo booth, we now understand the basic of the do's and don't's for exhibiting at a business expo. Keep on reading, we'll share the tips with you.

Our Handy Tips:

Always come early to set up the booth – Estimate how long it will take for you and your team for setting up the booth, by coming early, you'll be able to set the booth quicker and makes you feel more relax while setting up.

Decoration is a must – Match the decoration with the event's theme. People will appreciate your effort for the decor that you did for the booth, and this will definitely help attracts more people to visit your booth.

Everybody loves cookies! –  Seems like everybody loves grabbing some cookies and brownies instead of cupcakes or muffins, which we found really interesting. So, have some on your booth in relatively bigger plate.

Collect business cards – There are many ways to collect the business cards from visitors that come to your booth, one example is by doing raffles or giveaway. Give them a reason of why they should drop their contact info for you.

Talk directly to the visitor – Don't stand behind your booth table, instead get to the side of the table and talk directly to the visitor. This will also gives other visitor to be able to check out your stuff on the table while you're talking with a visitor on the left or right side table.

Have a big banner of your business – With so many other businesses at the business expo, you would want to let the visitor that you're also exhibiting. Print a big advertisement banner to get their attention or the name and logo of your business.


931 Hinman Ave. 3, Evanston IL


931 Hinman Ave. 3, Evanston IL

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