Office Inspirations: Wood Meets Future At Ubiquitous

What's brown and white with technology inside? It's the Ubiquitous offices! This is truly an office space to marvel at. Based on modern warm wood tones mixed in with old factory elements, this office space really does kick it up a notch. Everything from the stairs to the lamps to the carpeting has been well thought out, and definitely created by a designer and made for the designer at heart.

As many of you know we're big fans of wood here at Chykalphia, so when we saw this office space we simply had to share it! We especially love the woodwork on the tables and walls. From what we can well, they really worked in the old wood feel into this to mix in the factory setting. You can see from the pictures that they structured it all to be an open area where ideas and thoughts and float freely.

The only place we didn't like too much was the office meeting room. The glossy tiles didn't sit well with us.

Though, their waiting room (or so it seems like it) is to die for! Comfy leather couches that fit perfectly into the old upper class library feel.

If we could change one thing it would probably be to add an old larger bookshelf to give it more of a library feel. But that's just us and we love books.

Check out the Ubiquitous office space on their site at:

What do you think of their office? Let us know in the comments and share your own awesome wood-based office pictures!


931 Hinman Ave. 3, Evanston IL


931 Hinman Ave. 3, Evanston IL

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