How To Find, Download & Install Flatsome 3 Theme & Flatsome 3 Child Theme

Installing WordPress themes is very easy, though getting the correct files (and finding them) from Envato's ThemeForest can be a bit confusing. So here's how to find, download & install the Flatsome 3 theme along with the Flatsome 3 Child theme. Originally I made a Youtube video, though it seems I rushed through the explanation just a little bit so here's the screenshot & text version. :D

The Video Explanation:

Text & Screenshot Walkthrough:

1. Once you get to go and login:

2. Once logged in mouse over your username and click the Downloads link:

3. Once on the downloads page find your copy of Flatsome. Click on the “Download” button and then click on the “All files & documentation” button.

4. This will download the files we need for both the Flatsome main theme and the child theme. You'll get the file that looks something like “”.

5. Extract it to get the “flatsome-main” folder:

6. This folder has all the Flatsome stuff. Look for the “Theme Files” folder. That's where we need to be:

7. In here you'll find the two files you want to install. Install the main Flatsome zip file first! Install the “” file second and only after “flatsome-<whatever-version-here>.zip”.


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