The Two Worst Mistakes Your Business Is Making Right Now Online

Most likely, your business is making these two horrible mistakes online which cost you many clients, time/energy and brand image loss. Put these together and that means you're ROI goes down (bad thing) and your costs increase (also bad). This isn't something to do with SEO (search engine optimization), naming conventions or even sales funnels! They are so bad, that they're much worse than failing a sales funnel!

The second worst mistake business owners & entrepreneurs, like yourself, make is using outdated, non-specific and low-grade designs. In short, this means if you're using cheap designs that look as if they were make by a 9 year old back in 1998, you're doing it wrong!

My assumption here is that you are a professional, running a real professional business and want to have a professional, high quality brand image. For most of us, that's our goal and what we strive to maintain. What this means for us is we need designs and styles that:

  • Are created by professionals.
  • Were created not for ‘us', but for our clients.
  • Are up to modern standards and styles.
  • Fit the market niche.
  • Have gone through a quality review process.
  • Are designs and styles that ‘sell' you as a professional and get you clients.
  • Are all about the client and how you benefit them.

Sadly, most of the corporate websites I see are all about ‘me' and only very little about the client and what benefits they'll receive. What people look for on websites are:

  • What's in it for them.
  • How can this company help me best.
  • What's their reputation.
  • Maybe, just maybe a small amount of information about them.
  • and, what's my next step (contact, more info, watch video)?

If you're website, social profile or article is all about you … no one honestly cares. Some will care, and some will really want to learn more about you. So of course give them a place for such information, but for the most part give them information about how you can help them, how your products or services benefit them, reasons (other then your own personal reasons) why they should use you.

And this brings me to the worst mistake which every single company (including my own in some places) is guilty of doing. Or in this case, not doing:

You need to split test (A/B test) your content. This will let you know:

  • What's working.
  • What's not working.
  • Where is it working or not.
  • Which version of XYZ is working the best.
  • and all that testing will let you know which version of your stuff gives you the highest ROI.
Without experimenting and testing your design, content, copy, layout, videos, call to actions you'll never know if you are missing out on potential leads simply because your font is the wrong color, for example.
Be smart. Be great. Be awesome. Get amazing designs and always test everything and you'll go much farther than everyone else.


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