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Your proven path to a successful project

1. Kick-off

Set goals, expectations and of course, learn about each other. Multiple steps involved. Depending on the type of project, this Discovery phase may look a bit different and can change from one project to the next. However, you can expect the following three action steps:


This action item might already completed when you originally reached out to us and usually already included on our proposal intro.


We’ll do our diligent to learn more about your/your company industry so we can understand more on how to help set you/your company apart among the crowds.


On some projects, we also prepare the competitive analysis and present it to you at our kick-off phase, so you can also get to see what others in your/your company industry is doing.

2. Discovery

Starting the project by gathering all the required information, specs, design pieces and more. The Kick-off phase is where we ... well, kick-off and start the project. Same as with the Discovery phase the Kick-off phase may look different from project to project and will depend on the type of project we're working on together. Here are some key items you can expect:


We’ll take all of our information from the discovery phase, present it to you and brainstorm some ideas with you before we get to the wireframe and/or strategy/design.


On some projects that includes strategy planning, we will share the strategy plan with you and discuss any further questions or concern before applying it to the project.


On the web and mobile design projects, we use wireframe to flush down the overall content structure and request your approval before moving to design production.

3. Production

Getting the work done where you’re involved in the process to ensure it’s ‘just right’. Now it's time to whip out some elbow grease and to crank out the good stuff. Here in the Production phase is where we (that means both you and us) get to work to start producing, creating, implementing and overall getting the things done we all agreed to get done. Depending on your project you may have some or all of these steps:


We’ll start working on the design as soon as you approved the concept and/or the wireframe.


We’ll go through the revisions and modify the design to get your approval for either print and/or web development stage.


Once your print or web designs are approved, we'll make them happen (of course in their respective format). For nerdy things, it's where we put the digital pedal to the even more digital metal and get to implement things.


We’ll go through the final revision and modify the demo site to get your approval for the site launch.

4. Handoff

Be it training, bringing a website live or deliverables, you get the value in your hands. Time to kick back, relax and watch the fireworks ... almost. With the project and deliverables complete, it's time to give you the goods and crack open a bottle of congratulatory champagne. Most hand-off steps are pretty simple, though some include more fun. In either case were there to help make sure it's all there and good:


For brand identity, print and digital design projects, assets handoff usually delivered right after the approval for print/development. For web design/development and custom development projects will usually be deployed on the live server and all deliverables, assets and logins will be given to you.


Whether it’s a branded collateral template or handing off the website project for you, we always provide training so you can use the deliverables or the website yourself if you wish to. Ps: for collateral template & training, you must mention that you need the item created as a template file so we can prepare the right deliverables file and training.


The simplest way is to click here (Star A Project) where you can fill out the Successful Project Survey and we’ll help you get started on the process. There is no up-front money required to talk to us and we’ll help you figure out the best path to take.
Depends. The investment required in terms of time, money and resources varies from project to project. There are many factors such as time-length, project type, resources available and project value. Though you can get a sense of what a project could cost on our Capabilities page.

Dunno …. depends. Give us a shout via our contact form or Successful Project Survey and we’ll then be able to better guide you. You can also look at our case studies and pricing page to get a better sense of our work and project scope.

We do not offer refunds on projects that have already started and progressed passed the initial work phase. We do make exceptions in very rare cases, but it’s not our policy to offer refunds.