A Handy People vs Goals Tracker

There is a saying that goes something like this: “Your future value is the average of the income of those around you.” Going by this idea, who are you hanging around with that's weighing you down and whom (or what type of people) do you need to be around more in-order to achieve your goals?

That's the purpose of the “People Vs Goals Tracker”: to help you track whom you interact with on a day to day basis and how these interactions correlate to your goals. The goals to track can be personal goals, family goals, or business goals. The important thing is to match them up and see where your most important connections are (as they relate to your goals).

Goals To Track

As I mentioned earlier, you can track pretty much any goal you'd like though here are some ideas:

Track by time length:

  • Short term goals
  • Medium term goals
  • Long term goals

Track by type:

  • Personal goals
    • Health
    • Mental / Meditation
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Sanity
    • Travel
    • Happiness
  • Business goals
    • Growth
    • Profit & Loss
    • Lead intake
    • Productivity
    • Brand recognition
  • Relationship
    • Sex
    • Amount of love
    • Happiness in relationship
    • Stability

People To Track

This part is the easiest to understand and yet the hardest to properly do: you write down the name of EVERYONE you interact with. You can imagine that that might get tough especially if you talk to a lot of people day to day and are busy. Though all you have to do is just write them down on a simple list, pen and paper work well for this.

That's it. Track everyone. Online and offline. Here are a few examples of people to track

  • Online:
    • Social media
    • Emails
    • Chats
    • Forums
    • Video calls
  • Offline:
    • Work
    • Home
    • Grocery store
    • At the park
    • Sporting events
    • Hobby events
    • Working out

How To Actually Do This People Vs Goals Tracking

Once per week compare your list of people you've talked to (in any way, shape or form) and match them up with the goals you've written out. You can draw lines, re-write their names next to the goal(s) or whatever way works for you … just match up who-ever you can.

Does chatting with Jim from accounting help you achieve your “Get the direction position” goal? Have your on-going conversations with Betty in sales moved you closer to the “grow company to $1m per month” goal? That argument you had on the political forum online made you a better person and helped you grow?

I dunno. You tell me. Track these things and find out!


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