Our Starter Website Bundle: $1795 

A truly complete starter website bundle

Inclusive pricing of $1795

1-Year Hosting & Domain · Content · Design · Security · Backups · Email · Maintenance · SEO

When I met Ari - I wasn't entirely clear on what we wanted in terms of graphics for our app, graphics for our marketing materials but I just knew I wanted it to flow with our logo, be consistent and be clean. Ari understood what I said and didn't say - and has always delivered exceptional quality work. She is responsive, timely and always comes through even at if given very little time to do her magic! I highly recommend Ari for any creative projects you have.

It has been an absolute pleasure having Piotr and his wife assist us with our website design and implementation. They helped write and design the site from start to finish and have been very easy to communicate with. Any and all questions, concerns or correction were handled immediately. They were both so great to work with i have used them now for 3 different projects. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking for website help.

The Solution To Our (and Your?) Design Needs

The combination of superior eye for design and speed/flexibility makes Chykalophia hard to beat for design. As a startup, we're often stretched pretty thin and work on super short deadlines; Ari was outstanding at being flexible and quick with designs and revisions. She was also receptive to providing us with feedback if our design instincts could be better--a hard needle to thread but we always felt our best interests were in mind!

We've worked with a lot of different designers in the past so we've seen options across the board from dirt-cheap to multiple-yachts-expensive in cost and freshman-art-class to Picasso-level in quality. Chykalophia offered a fair rate with superior design chops. The name of the game for a small company like ours is value and we found that with y'all.

We had tried to work with other designers so that they understand our brand and overall vision. Ari was the first one that really "got it." She was able to take the best parts of our existing designs and bring new perspectives to help take our designs to the next level. From printed marketing materials like flyers and booklets to digital products like our website, we developed a more cohesive brand thanks to her designs!

If you want a designer that works hard and comes up with designs that are consistently outstanding and exceed expectations, work with Chykalophia. If you don't want that, then, I don't know what you're looking for?

Just a thanks for working with us. I know we sometimes are forced to say "Oh my goodness, we need this TONIGHT!!!!!" because a meeting comes up or something goes wrong, which is not always the most fun or easiest way to work. So I just really appreciate your ability to always manage that well. Thanks!

I had previously worked with Ari to create business and promo cards for my wedding planning business. She did a wonderful job so I thought of her when it came time to rebrand. It was a pleasure working with Ari on my project. She is professional, easy to work with and responsive. Ari listened to my ideas, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she was able to deliver exactly what I envisioned! I gladly recommend Ari for any creative project.

I approached Piotr asking for assistance with our company blog, and other areas of internet marketing. His advice has been invaluable and is a very friendly guy to boot! I'd definitely go back to him time and again.

Ari was an integral part of our software redesign project. She was thorough, efficient and easy to work with. Not only did she produce outstanding results, she quickly learned about our business and turned around results fast. I look forward o working with her on further projects with our clients.

Piotr worked to help me re-design my website in conjunction with his wife who also helped me with graphic design work. Response time and project completion always within 24 hours (usually within minutes), knowledgeable and cost conscientious of projects.

Well done Ari on creating all the company stationery for Wedding Dress Ink. I'm delighted with the results and look forward to working with you again in the near future for any printed promotional material I hope to need. You were a joy to work with... from meeting deadlines to the creativeness and understanding you brought to the brief. Thank you very much.

I could not be happier with the work Ari has provided my company. I have hired Ari to work on layout and logo design for my clients and have received excellent results from day one. In fact, I have so much faith in Ari and the work she provides that she now works with my clients directly. I have complete faith in her being professional and representing my company.

I look forward to many more projects with Ari going forward. She has made it much easier for me to bring on new projects knowing that I have someone I trust to handle the design aspect of projects.

I highly recommend Ari for any graphic design project you may have. I know you will not be disappointed in the results!

Parminder Batra TraknProtect
Anthony Hepker President, DNA Distributors Inc
William Brito Associate - Special Projects
Gabriela Schreiber Founder and Event Planner, Beso Weddings & Events
Adrian Middleton E-Commerce Manager
Gulé Sheikh COO/CTO, eazyScripts
Nadia Ly Savvy + Experienced Event Professional
Audrey Vance Illustrator, Wedding Dress Ink
Adam Hansen Owner and Operator, Hype Online Marketing

Everything done for you

"Everything?" ... Everything. We'll setup the website, design, hosting, your initial content, user accounts, emails, newsletter, contact forms and more. Your job is to run a business and not to muck about with websites and nerdy technology things; we'll focus on getting you up and running online quickly while you focus on getting the business working.

How long have you personally tried to mess around with websites like Wix or SquareSpace only to get something that not only were you not happy with, but wasn't even good representation of you, your brand and business? You're not alone. Many of our clients have spend hundreds of hours trying to make a website themselves only to fall flat on your butts.

You might have tried to custom code it yourself using a visual builder tool or even pure code (HTML/CSS/PHP or otherwise) and you might have even gotten something out of it... but most likely it wasn't what you wanted and you sure as heck spent far too much time on it.

We get it. We've been there ourselves and so have our clients.

Between figuring out a web strategy, getting the design done and then coded, launching the site and oh man ... we haven't even talked about how to maintain the site and protect it from spammer and hacker .... this stuff can be a real handful. Many of our clients have lost far too much time, energy and money on ineffective, overpriced and truth be told, and pardon our language here, crap websites that did not give them a return on their investment.


Starting your business doesn't have to be a pain in the rear end, so we've created a unique offer just for start-up entrepreneur's and small business business owners like yourself. One simple project that includes everything you'd need to get started with your website and get going forward.

We'll get you setup online, get you your initial content, design, get your website hosted and even get your domain for you. Since you need to talk to people we'll even setup your email accounts, connect it to a newsletter app and make sure it's all working and trackable.

Sounds too good to be true? We don't think so. We want to help start-ups and local businesses because we've been there. We know how hard it is to get going. So we've crafted this offer to make sure you can focus on your business without breaking a sweat on the website stuff.

We've also very sure you have more questions. What's included? What's the catch? What's the whole process to get this done? When can I have my website? And many more. We also have questions for you! Though those can wait until we start. To get your questions answered, look below to see what this offer includes and to see answers to many common questions.

Ready to get started?

Getting started is very easy, though you do need your help to make sure your site is what you're looking for. Click the big button below to go to our Getting Started page. There we'll be asking you a few initial questions to make sure we're on the same page and that all our ducks are in a row.

It's ok to take some time to think about some of the questions as they will determine the kind of website you ultimately end up with. "Can I update my answers later with more information?" Sure thing. But the more info you can provide initially the better and faster the website will turn out.

For a single price of $1795

HERE's the list of What's included

  • One year hosting
  • One year domain name registration
  • One year domain privacy
  • check
    SSL Certificate
  • check
    Branded design
  • check
    Initial website content
  • check
    Newsletter setup
  • check
    Website SEO optimized
  • check
    Website speed optimizations
  • Two email addresses
  • Contact forms
  • Visual content creation tool
  • check
    Website maintenance & updates
  • check
    Daily website backups
  • check
    Website security & spam prevention
  • check
    Website tracking and analytics
  • check
    2 Hours - website technical support


Looking for more than what the Starter Bundle offers?

additional emails

Need more than two email addresses or additional functionality? Starting at only $3 per month per user you can get additional email addresses and if you need to, we can get you upgraded email services such as G-Suite.

Starting at: $3/m per email


Active business consulting, third party app help, coding/content/design help and improved hosting ... For when you need more than just technical support your business and are looking for a trusted partner to grow with.

Starting at: $250/m

what to expect during the project

Creating an amazing website takes a good strategy and pairing it with a good process. So before we get started we wanted to set some ground rules and set expectations for both of us.


Our goal is to get your website launched in two to three weeks. Though it can take longer if there are delays in feedback, but that is ok. Sometimes things take longer. We'll adjust.


This bundled offer requires a 50% downpayment, and then the remainder due once the site launches or at 30 days after project start, whichever comes sooner.


We work primarily through our project management application (which you will be given access to), though we'll also chat via email as sometime that's easier.

Our Process

Getting started is surprisingly very simple: contact us by visiting the Start Starter Website Bundle page and filling out the information there (and of course clicking the submit button). The initial goal is to gather some information so that once we start we'll know where to go first.

So that means, yes: you do have some homework up-front in-order to get started but don't worry: it's very easy and only takes a few short minutes to fill out.


The process can be generalized as such:


Project starts, set goals, expectations, and of course learn more about each other.


We'll gather all the required information, strategy, design pieces, inspirations, and more.


Producing, creating, implementing the design, content, development, testing & tweaks.


Launching you site and handing it off to you. We can include training after handoff as well.

Questions & Answers

Below is a list of common questions we got when we initially offered this bundle. If you have other questions about this bundled offer please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

How do we start?

What sort of hosting is included and is hosting required?

Do you offer refunds?

How will We communicate during the project?

Do you accept Credit cards? DEbit cards? What about Paypal or Cheque?

Do you accept digital currency as payment (such as Bitcoin or ETH)?

What is #nerdSupport and how is it different from the included TEchnical support?

How long until I have my website? What if it takes longer?

What happens after my one year of free hosting?

Do you offer other website packages or do custom work?

While this bundle is perfect, do you offer more monthly service packages?

How do you handle support requests / tickets?

Ready to get your own website started?

Getting started is easy ... and better yet: here's EXACTLY what you can expect to happen after you click the getting started button below:

  • 1
    You'll be taken to a new page where you'll be asked a few simple questions.
  • 2
    Fill out what you can to the best of your abilities and knowledge
  • 3
    Once you're done, no payment is required at all. Simply click the Submit button.
  • 4
    You'll be taken to a thank you page where we explain the next steps.
  • 5
    One of those next steps is to schedule a quick call with us to go through your answers.
  • 6
    Our calls are Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we'll be speaking for around 25 minutes on whichever day and time you chose.
  • 7
    We'll send you a simple agreement with an attached invoice.
  • 8
    You sign the agreement and pay the deposit.
  • 9
    We get started.