Entrepreneurial Meeting Of The Minds

It’s not everyday that you get to meet someone who thinks like you do about business. Lucky for us, we surround ourselves with like minded individuals and companies so while we don’t meet everyone everyday, we do meet them a lot. Just the other day we had the pleasure of having a great meeting with […]

Exhibit: The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister

Exhibit: The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister via @chykalophia

What other great way to spend some of the after hours at an exhibition for the last AIGA Mentor Group meeting? That’s exactly what Alyssa Low, our group mentor for this summer suggested to do for our last meeting. Even better, we went to The Happy Show at the Chicago Cultural Center by Stefan Sagmeister. […]

Color Palette Inspirations: Food Pairing Pantone

Color Palette Inspirations: Food Pairing Pantone via @chykalophia

You can literally grab color swatches from anything that are happening near us. From the mountain scenery to the variations of leaves color during the fall. Minneapolis-based designer David Schwen, grab it from the food pairings and combine them as a color palette/swatches. What a fun idea!

Really Cool PR & Branding Idea: Prescription Bottle

These days it’s hard to stand out amongst the business crowd, so you really do have to get creative to grab peoples attention. The other day we were at a local multi-chamber of commerce business event called the Chocolate & Champagne event where we got to see some interesting things. One of which caught out creative […]

Need Business Card Ideas & Inspirations? Try CardFaves.com

Business cards are an extension of your professionalism, or there lack of, and brand image. If you have a cheap business card, that says something about you. If on the other hand you have an extremely over the top creative one … well, that says something else. The business card, no matter what you think […]

Oreo Wins The SuperBowl For Best Ad

The Oreo team was at the right place at the right time. They had the tools, the means and the will power to accomplish something amazing within 10 minutes. See, during this 2013 Superbowl there just happened to be a massive power outage. Most people would think: “oh noes! this is bad!” The Oreo team […]

Design Basics Project

Last month we completed the Design Basics Poster Series as part of the project called Design Basics. Design Basics was originally created as a poster series to study three main elements on visual communication design (typography, color theory, and illustration) in a simple version of infographic poster. Regardless of how it was originally created, today […]

Facebook Page News Feed Tips

As many of you know Facebook has change the number of status updates from Facebook Pages shown in your Facebook news feed. It looks like if you don’t regularly participate in commenting or like or even share on a individual post of a Facebook Page that you like, Facebook system will reduce the number of […]