Our retainer, your bundle of joy

Use Design Retainer: Enjoy ease, efficiency & handy expertise

If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, cost containment and top results—yep, all three—we’ve got the solution.

Hard to believe? Usually speedy delivery sabotages fair pricing; or engaging and effective design torpedoes quick turnaround. But, we take pride in our ability to hit all three targets. And, we stand by that claim with special three-month design packages. Check ’em out!

Design Retainer



per month*

10 hours of any design work,

highest-priority scheduling,

fastest turnaround times,

communication via Plutio, phone, & email


(your in-house design department)


per month*

30 hours of any design work,

highest-priority scheduling,

fastest turnaround times,

communication via Plutio, phone, & email

eCommerce Design Retainer



per month*

4 eCommerce banners,

2 revisions per banner,

email newsletter designs, code development / programming


(most popular)


per month*

2 eCommerce banners,

2 revisions per banner,

2 email newsletter designs, code development / programming



per month*

2 eCommerce banners,

2 revisions per design,

2 email newsletter designs, code development / programming

+3 Hours of other design work

* Three months minimum. Contact us for separate one-month options, custom retainer package, or to work out a higher level agreement.

Launch that baby!

Everything your enterprise needs to take off is included in the package of your choice. It’s easy—and it works. Here’s how …

You call the shots:

1. Pick a package

2. Send us your to-do list

3. Evaluate previews

4. Receive final deliverables

We supply the goods:

1. Scheduling priority

2. Quick turnaround

3. Deliverables in your desired format

4. Locked-in pricing that never goes up

5. Rollover hours and tasks*


Learn more.
Work smarter.

What is a Design Retainer?
Our Design Retainer is a three-month agreement between your business and ours that offers you access to a wide range of professional graphic design services. Unlike hourly services providing deliverables at potentially unlimited expense, a single package ensures that you know exactly what you’re getting and for how much over a full 90-day period.
How does a Design Retainer work?
After you pick a package and sign up, send us the first task to be completed. We’ll promptly return an initial version for your review. Following feedback and final approval from you, we’ll provide deliverables in the standard format of your choice. Our services continue for the duration of tasks or hours stipulated in the Design Retainer package you select.
What are the advantages of a Design Retainer?

Defined deliverables and fixed costs mean no unwelcome surprises. No overhead for permanent employees is a big benefit, too. Plus, time and tasks can be rolled over to the next month. So, we can respond to your unexpected needs or rush requests; and, you save 20% or more on graphic design services.

For multiple small projects, a Design Retainer package allows you to capitalize on your combined work volume. Streamline your business by avoiding multiple estimates, contracts and invoices—and stabilize your monthly services budget to boot!

Beyond convenience and attractive price points, what makes Design Retainer the rock star among service providers?
Because each team member brings unique talents, training and mastery to every endeavor, we’re able to provide a range of services—all at the highest level. So, you can count on our ability to expertly address every aspect of your project. In fact, you’ll discover that the alchemy of our combined efforts creates amazing results: a whole much greater than the sum of its parts, indeed.
How do rollover hours and items work?
Any hours or tasks unused in the current month are rolled over to the following month for deployment. Rollover tasks and hours expire at the end of the second month. At the close of the final month, any unused hours are forfeited. Hours or tasks in excess of the monthly agreement are billed at the retainer rate.
What services are not included in the Design Retainer?
Not included in the retainer agreement are fees for printing or stock photography, i.e., any service that entails additional cost for us to create the deliverables you require. Accordingly, before any purchase, we’ll consult you for approval (or not) of extra expenses that would be incurred.
How does the rollover hours work?
You can only do one month rollover hours. For example, you only use use one hour for a two hours retainer in July. We can then rollover the remaining one hour to August, so total retainer hours you will have in August will be three hours.