Discover what’s possible with your brand and the best paths forward.

You can have a strong brand that sets you apart, boosts sales and builds up customer loyalty.

How we help ...

You have the picture of what your brand could be in your mind. Or perhaps you’re completely lost for what is next for your brand.

Either way, our team will go through your current challenges and goals to help figure out what’s next for your brand and how we can help you and your brand to get there.


Data and requirement gathering

Scope and approach suggestions

Brand Strategy

2-Day brand strategy workshop

Brand experience strategy


Brand messaging & personas explorations

Brand foundation (brand statement, vision, mission, positioning)

Brand Design

Logo & brand identity system

Marketing materials design

Print & packaging design

Growth Support

Integrated marketing strategy & implementation

Building a brand doesn’t have to be complicated.

As an entrepreneur, you have the vision for your business. Deep down, you know your product and services will make an impact to the world. But …

You simply are lost and looking for a trusted hand to guide you and your brand

You’re debating whether you should focus on your branding or marketing first

Your current brand doesn’t represent your image, and you’re afraid to share it with the world

It’s more than just a logo, we’re crafting a magnetic brand.

When you understand the power of branding, you put your trust in us to help you …

Gain clarity on your business focus, saving you time and money

Understand exactly who to target, their challenges, and how your brand can impact their lives

Hit your sales and revenue goals

Branding is a set of behaviors, which means, it can be analyzed, taught, replicated, and managed. The same principle applies to your brand as well.


We help women-led businesses fast-forward their business

You’re a visionary. You see the big picture and the growth potential for your company.

Now you’re ready to level up your brand, creating bigger impact, and pioneering more growth for the business.

We find ways to further enhance your brand so you can lead and propel your company with confidence.

More about us and our team


Little Global Citizens

Delivering experience of new country each month through learning box

They are experienced, knowledgeable about creative AND marketing, easy to communicate our needs to, very responsive and incredibly efficient. Ari and her team had a great sense of what would work for our business to combine bright, child-friendly visuals for our child-focused company, but that would also look modern & fresh for a savvy parent to be drawn to. She nailed it & managed to avoid cliche colors and images that we desperately wanted to steer clear of. I would HIGHLY recommend Chykalophia. We were impressed from day 1 with their professional and efficient manner.

– Akeelah Kuraishi, CEO & co-founder

esthetic haus

Empowering and luxurious identity for a beauty brand

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– John Doe, Marketing Director

rickshaw republic

Authentic brand identity for an authentic Indonesian restaurant in Chicago

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– John Doe, Marketing Director


Their Love Notes to Us

Chykalophia Testimonial from Lynn Sage Foundation

Ari, Peter and their team helped me take the web work off my plate. They understand me, my brand, my voice, and how I work. I knew I was leaving this project in a good hand.

– Mel mcsherry, AUTHOR & SPEAKER

Chykalophia team worked diligently within an extremely tight timeframe to deliver an attractive, fresh & cohesive website for our newly merged entity. It was a wonderful experience!

– Angie Fekrat, Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation
Chykalophia Testimonial from Valarie King Bailey

Chykalophia team nailed it on our new websites! Everything is more streamlined. We are extremely happy with the final results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have misunderstood branding with brand identity or brand visuals if you think branding is all about the pretty visuals. All the beautiful visuals are only the surface for what branding really is. What we don’t often talk about is what are the things behind all that pretty visuals.

Here are some of the things we typically guide our clients about their branding:

  1. Understanding their core values
  2. Figuring out their uniqueness and differentiator
  3. Pinpoint the target audience and their challenges
  4. Aligning their business goals with market opportunities
  5. Crafting delightful user journey


The list can go on and on. Think about it, if you ask yourself why do you follow or buy from a brand (Apple, Nike, Spotify, Target, etc)? You’ll know that you don’t follow or buy from them JUST because they have pretty fonts, colors, and design.

The simplest answer is, having a good design will help communicate the right message and brand story to your audience. People see hundreds (if not thousands) of brands every day. Having a good design not only help you stand out from competition but also help create that meaningful first impressions to build their trust.

Do you only need the furniture when planning to build a house? Of course you need the plan and foundation to build the house first before thinking about what furniture would match the interior, right? Same thing with your brand. If you’re planning to hit your business goals and run a successful business, you’ll need to start with a brand strategy first. We have seen how the information that you will gather from a brand strategy will affect and influence other parts of your business, like marketing, PR, sales, customer experience, etc.

Our branding packages starts at $10,000. Let’s chat more to see how we can help.

Branding projects typically take 2-8 weeks to complete. The timeline really depends on what challenges you’re facing now and how we can help you get there.


Branding Worksheet

3 Signs of Bad Branding Worksheet

Download our brand strategy blueprint worksheet to help you get a head start with your brand.

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3 Signs of Bad Branding Worksheet