Nerd Support

making sense of all the technical mumbo-jumbo

Tired of working in your website?

Try as you might technology and website's aren't “your thing”; we get you.
Support • Maintance • Security • Consulting • Optimizations • Training • Copywriting • Conversion Funnels

You just need the darn thing to work and you don't have time as a busy professional to muck about with settings, plugins, shortcodes and whatever else is in there. That's where we come in, we'll handle the whole online thing for you. You just say the word and we'll make it happen. You'll never have to worry about technical things on your website ever again as we will be your handy nerdy person for everything from setup to nerdy support to getting stuff done.

Nerd Support Packages


We can customize our packages to meet your goals and needs.

Below is the list of our most popular packages. If you need something customized (big or small) click here and we'll see about setting up something unique just for you.


Nerd Support Includes

Priority Support
Email Support Line
Project Management
Client Portal
Website Support

Nerdy Help
Technology Consulting
Site Strategies
Funnels Consulting
Best Practices Consulting

Site Maintence / Updates
Site Backups *
Site Security *
Speed Optimizations *
General Site Help

3rd-part Tools Help
Custom Coding
Design Help
Copywriting Help
Biz Dev Strategy

STANDARD: $250/m

For the starter business

Perfect for those who need expert support starting out


2-3 priority support hours


Your work takes priority over regular projects.

Monthly Reviews

Every month we'll hold strategy meetings to discuss priorities.

Nerdy help

From updates to issues, if it's website related let us handle it fully.

Third-party tools Help

Where possible and reasonable, we'll support other tools that connect to your site.

Coding, design & Strategy

Whatever nerdy and growth related help you need, we're there to make sure it's quality and correct support, advise, consulting and work being done.

PRO LEVEL $500/m

Includes Standard +

Includes all features of the Standard Package and the following:


4 – 6 priority support & consulting hours


Even higher priority than Standard

Ongoing Measurable Goals

We'll be working to create yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly growth goals.

Funnels & Strategy

Actively helping you create and implement conversion oriented funnels and strategies.


Every growing business needs processes written down to grow, we'll help you create and put them in practice.

Trusted Source

Whatever technology or nerdy thing you're stuck up, let us figure out the best path for you.

GOLD ($1000/m)

Includes Gold Plus …

Includes all features of the Gold Package plus the following:


7 – 10 priority consulting & support hours


We'll start becoming your mini Chief Technology Officer so support whatever technology you need to grow.

Reviews & Audits

We'll keep an eye out on how to constantly improve work flow, technology and strategy to always keep growing.

Active Growth Participation

We'll help you take the first steps and leadership positions to move forward and grow.

Ad Campaign Support

While we can't run your Ad campaigns, we can help you optimize the growth strategy using them.

New in 2018: The CTO Package

Starting at only $4000 per month, we'll become your virtual Chief Technology officer. We'll actively participate in your growth strategies, technology planing (and how it related to your growth and goals), goal setting, budgeting, team & project management and more. Where reasonable, it also means being actively involved in your day to day operations.

All of the benefits of an expert CTO advisor on your board, without all the fuss.

New in 2018: Small Business Special … $100/m

For Qualified Small Businesses Only! If you qualify, you'll be able to receive our Standard plan for only $100 per month along with discounts on our regular projects and hourly rate services. Fill out our form to find out if you qualify.

How do you know if you do? You must be a small business, just starting and be active in your business community. It helps if you're in the same groups that we are. ;)

Ready to discuss your project with us?


Ready to work smarter?

What is Nerd Support?
As the name implies: it's about supporting you in all things nerdy. The starter plans are focused on your website (usually on WordPress), though the larger plans can and do support more technologies, apps and services. Think of it this way: we want to kick you out of your own website so that you never have to worry about technology ever again. Let us focus on that so you can focus on growth and sales.
How does Nerd Support work?
After you sign up, we'll start by working on your highest priority nerdy tasks up to the monthly hourly limit. We primarily work through our project management tool, though we're happy to use your preferred project management system. Some clients even just shoot over an email. Essentially: together we figure out what to do, and we then go and get it done.

Higher rate plans can include phone support and in-person meetings.

What about emergency situations?
Nobody likes putting out technological fires. Thankfully your monthly hours usually won't get in the way of that. Let's say there's barely anything to do this month so there are a lot of hours left, but then all hell breaks lose on your servers … we'll go and handle it for you within the plan as usual. But let's say you've already hit your limit for the month, then what? No problem!

In emergency situations we'll support your business even if it's outside and above and beyond the agreed limits. Though, if this happens too often we'll charge you at our hourly rate or we'll need to bump you up to a higher rate plan.

How about after hours support? Weekends?
Our general working hours are 9am to 6pm CT Monday through Friday. We do occasionally work in the late evenings, but we won't respond to non-emergency requests until the next business day.

If there is a lot of work to do, sure we'll work on the weekends (especially Saturdays). But we're pretty much off to recharge over the weekend. Though in emergency situations we can do some work.

Do the hours roll over each month?
What third-party services do you support?
A lot actually. It's largely based on what we know at the time, how good our relationship is and what plan you're on. We've supported SalesForce, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, Facebook Pages & Ads, custom ad programs, fully custom web apps, and more.