Adding Dropbox into Gmail is pretty easy and extremely useful. As we've recently started integrating Dropbox heavily into our client workflows (as well as our own projects) I found it extremely annoying not to be able to easily share Dropbox files via email.

Our choices were limited to:

  • Don't share via Dropbox
  • Go to Dropbox, get the share link via Dropbox, copy-paste into the email
  • Go to Dropbox folder, find file, copy-paste into email

Now honestly, the last two aren't that horrible. But, having an easy to access interface comes in extremely handy for quick things. Especially if I wanted to save something from the email directly to dropbox for safe keeping.

Thankfully there is now a handy extension for Chome aptly called “Dropbox For Gmail“: Dropbox into Gmail chrome extension

You can click the image above or go to this link to get it:

If you'd like more information about this extension directly from Dropbox here is their documentation about it: What is Dropbox For Gmail?