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5 Ways Custom Packaging Can Help You Build a Better Brand Experience

Do your products come in shiny, glossy customized packages? Or are they wrapped up in bland beige boxes? For your brand’s sake, we hope that you said yes to the first question. That’s because there is no other way around creating fabulous first impressions than a picture-perfect package. In other words, the flimsy shrouding that you call ‘packaging’ might be the cause of lower customer retention.

The art of customized packaging may be overlooked in board meetings, but it definitely counts a lot in the eyes of your customers. Do you want to know why? Because it helps improve your brand image!

Here are a handful of ways in which creative product packaging designs enhance your brand image:

01. Builds Brand Recognition

“Design is a silent ambassador for your brand.”

-Paul Rand

In this day and age, product packaging isn’t just bubble wrap and boxes. It is considered as a personification of your brand. This is why plastering a big bold brand logo won’t do the trick. You want it to be the extension of your brand values and persona.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. The customer has already bought the product so why should you bother with impressing them?

But that isn’t the point here. You want to make the right moves to help win over the target market and customized packaging does that. It helps your customers identify you amidst a stack of other competitors.

As Paul said, your designed packages are secretly pitching your store to other shoppers. It is a chance to get noticed when customers are seen carrying shopping bags from your store. You never know, your cool funky bags might be the reason why a curious onlooker goes to check out your shop.

02. Confirms Brand Credibility

Don’t you hate it when the shopping bag’s strap breaks before you even reach your car? Not to forget the company’s failure to bubble wrap the delicate merchandise! These and other tiny details reflect how much value you place on the customer experience factor.

Brands that opt for slick and sturdy packaging are always winners. They prove to the customers that their concerns are a top priority. This is especially true for online customers who might blame a broken product on your flawed packaging.

So whether it is bubble wraps, strong straps or durable boxes― you want to invest in the ones that withstand the pressure of your customer’s judgement call.

03. Dimensionally Perfect Packages

Do your products come in different sizes? Or are you guilty of shoving them in the same box?

The one-size-fits-all strategy is no longer functional for businesses who want to stand out. Your same-sized boxes show the customer that you haven’t made any effort on the packaging. It might even entail that you bought the packages off from a wholesaler.

Thus, it makes the brand experience quite lacklustre. But how do special sizes prove otherwise?

Here are a few hints:

  1. Proper sizing indicates that your professionalism doesn’t end after the purchase
  2. Cute bags and small shoppers function as gift bags (added bonus for the customer)
  3. Strategically designed dimensions cut shipping cost and storage spac

In short, both you and the customer will benefit from tailored packages.

04. Hopping on the Green Express

The green revolution is going pretty strong lately and it is high time that you board the bandwagon. That’s because customers have become conscious of the grievous impact of the contents in their garbage bins. Naturally, your packaging is part of the wastage. That’s why you might not make the cut if your packages pose a threat to the environment.

Henceforth, customized packaging isn’t solely dependent on the design. You must pay attention to the materials that build your boxes and bags. You’ll see that choosing eco-friendly and biodegradable options will give you an edge of producers that are still sticking to their bad habits.

05. Create Aesthetically Memorable Experiences

“There are responses to a piece of design―
yes, no and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.”

-Milton Glaser

Is your package ‘wow’ material? It better be if you want another order. The idea here is to leave a lasting impression on the customer’s mind. The colorful designs make the purchase attractive and exciting. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, they also resonate with your brand persona.

For instance, a beauty box wrapped in a dull brown bag will leave them feeling underwhelmed. But switching things up can make a great impact. So you should boost their excitement for your packages by wrapping your products in fun creative ways.

Think of your products as gifts to the customer. Your well-crafted package lets them experience a thrill when they open them. Drop in sweet thank-you notes or witty comments in the packaging. This will be a pleasant surprise for new customers who’ll relish the acknowledgement. Additionally, the loyal ones will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

On the whole, creative product packaging designs serve as your brand’s mascot. This is why it is important for your brand to have an innovative packaging strategy. Your aim should be to place your brand persona, the eco-friendly initiative and the customer’s experience in perfect alignment. As a result, your customers will know place value in their convenience and perception.

So what are you waiting for? Stop sulking off in the shadows and start reinventing your brand image with the help of some cool, creative and personalized packages.

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