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3 Tips to Help Your Website

Start Producing More Sales

Is your website a productive, and profitable part of your well-oiled marketing machine, or is it just a glorified business card?

Your website can't just be another pretty face in the crowd of 2 billion+ websites on the internet, it has an important job to do.

Businesses use employee performance reviews to measure human resources, you need to treat your website with the same level of scrutiny.

How do you ensure that your website is actually pulling its weight?

Here are our first three tips that have evolved websites from entry-level to indispensable.

TIP #1

Know Your Data

You can’t influence what you don’t measure.

Many websites have tools like Google analytics integrated from the very beginning.

However, you’d be surprised how many business owners we’ve met that rarely look at the captured data, let alone know how to respond to the data and make impactful changes.

what you should do when Your Site Traffic Analytic is ...

What data points should I track?

Start tracking these data points as soon as possible.

If you don’t currently have an analytics integration, Google Analytics is free and easily integrates with most websites. Over time you will be able to track patterns and watch if changes you make to your website either positively or negatively effect your numbers.

Speaking of making changes, here is another phase that is easily overlooked in the eagerness to get a website humming.

TIP #2

Test Everything

A/B tests, who has time for them?

Unfortunately, those who do not test are just making guesses, and guesses are expensive.

When you track your data and define a specific business goal metric you’d like to see improve, you’re going to want to test different solutions to see which one ultimately gets you the best results.

Red or Green button?

You might think that a big, red button calling visitors to “Start Free Trial” is a surefire win, but test it and you might find that visitors actually respond better to a friendly green one instead.

Looking to Boost Sales?

It might seem like a no-brainer to trigger that abandoned cart email 30 minutes after they bounce, but when you test you might find that sending it around 24 hours later gets you a 25% increase in checkouts.

Often our website visitors will surprise us with their preferences. But you would never know if you didn’t take the time to test and measure the results from the best options.

TIP #3

Know Who You’re Targeting & What You’re Selling

Unless you’re selling access to a universal utility like electricity or running water, you’re going to have to be crystal clear on a couple of things:

Who is the person that your website should be speaking to

How your product/service is going to help them achieve what they're looking for

If your offer is vague and you’re selling a solution for everyone, it’s ultimately going to cost you a lot more money to convert sales through your website.

The more specific you can be with what solution you have and exactly who it’s for, the more fine-tuned and effective your website can be.

What are you selling and who needs it?

Do you understand your customers, can you describe them in detail?

Do you know what motivates them to buy?

We recommend spending some time documenting these things with as much detail and data as possible. When your website is able to speak to exactly the right person, its ability to convert that visitor into a repeat buyer becomes that much more likely.

Increasing your conversion rate starts with clarity.

With that understanding, we would challenge you to create clear and comprehensive customer personas.

Is she a stay at home mom or a busy career woman who just finished her masters?

Is your tech solution for a swamped Marketing Director in a 5-year-old startup, or a CMO looking to better integrate communications between the Sales and Advertising departments?

Be Clear

Because how you speak to a stay at home mom is going to be very different from how you would talk to a career woman running from the office to make it to a dinner with clients.


Your Product = A Solution = The Feeling = A New Identity No Longer Defined By Their Problem.

Without context, this foundational advice can seem pretty generic.

You might be thinking, “Yes, I understand this, but how do I put them all together?”

We get it. If you’d like to see how we actually applied these principles to help one of our clients make measurable progress towards their goals, download our comprehensive case study through the form on this page.

3 Tips to Help Your Website Start Producing More Sales
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