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How to Increase Revenue with Good Design — 5 Advantages of Design for Business

Good design means good business and you can increase revenue with good design. Let’s see how your business and customers can benefit from good design in various ways.

We’ve all experienced bad design. From non-responsive web design to zero-stretch skinny jeans and trying to plug in a micro USB — we don’t enjoy any of them, do we?

If you want to improve the user experience, conversion, and eventually increase the revenue of your business, having a good design is of great importance. In fact, companies with good design gain up to 32% more revenue!

That sounds amazing, but why and how?

Why is design important for business?

A poorly designed business results in inefficiency and higher cost; a poorly designed brand pushes people away or attracts the wrong audience.

Conversely, a well-designed brand can provide an enjoyable experience, which can lead to a better business — with engagement, conversion, and revenue or sales. So, yeah, we’re sure you get the general importance of design for your business.

Now, on to the important question…

How can you increase revenue with good design?

Some people would say that good design is expensive, that it’s not worth the investment as you can’t directly see the return.

We beg to differ. We believe bad design is more expensive and can even cost you lost customers.

As a designer-led company, our team at Chykalophia wholeheartedly believes and understands how design and business can be two sides of the same coin. As the saying goes, good design is good business, and you can increase revenue with good design.

Good design is good business

The connection might not be that obvious for non-designer business owners, though. In the beginning stages of building a business, it can be easy to ignore the creative side as it may not directly affect your sales or profit.

So, we’ve compiled below the main advantages of design for business; how good design can help increase your revenue — not just as creative work, but also to provide solutions.

5 advantages of design for business

These advantages can be grouped in two — the first two are for your business, the rest for branding.

1. Good design can streamline your business processes

When we say design, we’re not just talking about graphic design. Design process, design thinking, information architecture, and business architecture are all essential in terms of streamlining business processes.

Not familiar with these concepts? Find more free resources about design here!

2. Good design can help reduce costs

Once your processes are streamlined, your team members can work on higher-level items — strategies, ideation, business development, problem-solving, and more. Big bonus: they’ll be happier and more productive having their work made more efficient.

3. Good design creates differentiation

Good design creates brand identity and characteristics. It helps customers recognize your brand at a glance because you have that uniqueness and consistency.

4. Good design can attract customers

A sloppy design pushes people away. Good visual design attracts them and leads them to perceive your brand as something of quality, trustworthy, well-thought, and professional.

5. Customers are delighted by good design

Good product design creates an enjoyable experience when customers actually use your product. It also helps avoid unpleasant things like:

  • Flimsy packaging
  • Hard-to-push buttons
  • Lack of information (no expiry date, unclear manual guide
  • And other nightmarish situations

In the end, good design helps increase your conversion and revenue

Attracting customers only goes so far if none of them converts. That’s why you also need a delightful user experience design. Great UX makes it easier for customers to browse around, find the information they need, and eventually decide to convert — subscribe, book a call, or buy, which in the end leads to revenue.

Good design may seem costly, but bad design is even more expensive. Good design might require more investment upfront, but it will benefit you in various ways in the long run.

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