10 Absolutely Amazing Strategies To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in eCommerce

You've got your online store ready, all the products are there and your prices are perfect and yet a large portion of your visitors never finish the checkout process. OH NOES! What is an entrepreneur to do? Thankfully, the boys and girls at Monetate created a super awesome infographic which tells you all the best tricks to get people to checkout!

Since this is something you really want to minimize (cart abandonment) and maximize checkouts, here is an outline of the ten best tips and strategies to minimize cart abandonment:

  1. Use product thumbnails on checkout.
  2. Allow people to check (update quantities and remove items) from the checkout page.
  3. Show them how well they are progressing through your checkout process.
  4. Don't forget the call to actions! “Get ‘er done!”
  5. Of course, someone might need to go back and make a change so give them to option to do so easily.
  6. Cross sell! Give people options for other things BUT NOT TOO MANY!
  7. Important: save the cart if they close the windows. Save carts like your life depends on it!
  8. Offer various checkout options.
  9. Give and showcase your great security measures
  10. Don't offer distractions like FAQ's, more info, extra links and all. Though do provide a simple way for them to talk to you just in case. Distractions are bad, m'kay?


Take a look at the Monetate Shopping Cart Abandonment Infographic & Tips to Avoid It.


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