Craft, test, and deliver engaging experiences for your users.

You can have impactful, conversion focused and highly functional user experiences that are truly delightful and positively memorable.

How we help ...

You’ve probably tried ‘just putting up a few things’ and it probably worked … a bit. Though have you ever wondered for a company like Disney truly has, what they call, magical experiences?

The idea is simple: you plan out literally everything and every possible choice. That’s of course not a reasonable investment for everyone, though that doesn’t mean we can’t plan out and craft as many wonderful things as we can.

UX Strategy

Persona development

User scenarios

User flow & journey mapping

UX Research

Testing & usability research

User & competitor research

UI/UX Design

User experience design (UXD)

Wireframing & prototyping

Micro-interactions & animations

UX & Accessibility

Digital Products

Web app / platform design

iOS Mobile app design


Design system

UI Kits & patter libraries

Periodically testing & usability research

A good UI / UX is how you make your brand memorable and visually appealing.

You yearn to give your dedicated following and users a great experience, except …

You simply are lost and looking for a trusted hand to guide you and your brand

You’re debating if “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is good enough or not

Your current website/app don’t truly represent you not where you want to go

It’s more than just pretty graphics and fancy animations, it’s the meaningful application of it all.

When your users have extraordinary experiences with your brand, they intrinsically trust you. This all helps you …

Craft delightful and engaging experiences

Perfectly control the user’s flow through your marketing and sales funnels

Hit your sales and revenue goals

UI is the pretty visuals. Not only they need to look appealing, it needs to feel specific to you and your ideal audience. UX is how to implement that UI in a meaningful way to create wonderful experiences.


We help women-led businesses fast-forward their business

You’re a visionary. You see the big picture and the growth potential for your company.

Now you’re ready to level up your brand, creating bigger impact, and pioneering more growth for the business.

We find ways to further enhance your brand so you can lead and propel your company with confidence.

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Mobile experience design for the doctors on the go

Ari was an integral part of our software redesign project. She was thorough, efficient and easy to work with. Not only did she produce outstanding results, she quickly learned about our business and turned around results fast. I look forward o working with her on further projects with our clients.

– Gulé Sheikh, CTO, eazyScripts

Validation Master

Introducing the master behind validation projects for enterprises

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– John Doe, Marketing Director


A seamless HR portal for Elevate K-12 teachers

We had tried to work with other designers so that they understand our brand and overall vision. Ari and her team was the first one that really "got it." She was able to take the best parts of our existing designs and bring new perspectives to help take our designs to the next level. From printed marketing materials like flyers and booklets to digital products like our website, we developed a more cohesive brand thanks to her designs!

– William B., Associate - Special Projects


Their Love Notes to Us

Chykalophia Testimonial from The City of Evanston

Ari and her team were a savior when it came to my website UX strategy. They were incredibly strategic in the questions they asked me, they created a seamless process that was easy to follow and went above and beyond the deliverables with added support. I can now approach my website updates with much more ease and clarity.

– NEHA O’Rourke, somewhere in between

We got tired of figuring out the visuals ourselves. After working with Chykalophia team, we now have strong visuals that we have been testing and using throughout the community. They have provided us with a solid base to work off from. The initial guidance and support was integral to helping us move the project forward.

– Kumar Jensen, Chief of Sustainability & resilience officer, city of evanston
Chykalophia Testimonial from Gule Sheikh

Ari was an integral part of our software redesign project. She was thorough, efficient and easy to work with. Not only did she produce outstanding results, she quickly learned about our business and turned around results fast. I look forward o working with her on further projects with our clients.

– Gulé Sheikh, CTO, eazyScripts

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Frequently Asked Questions

User experience (UX) helps your users understand how they should navigate through the site. The goal is to guide your users to see, browse, and click on certain section of your website and help them convert. Conversion from a good UX design can result in increase of sales, bookings, or growth of a specific campaigns on your website. A bad UX however can jeopardize not just your online presence but also the growth of your company.

Start with a sitemap and a general flow of how you want your users to navigate through your website or app. From there, we will help guide you through a strategy session to make sure what you have envision aligns with what your users are expecting. There will be a few other approach and methods that we will work on together (depending on your challenges and business needs) before we hand them off to you or implement them together with our dev team.

That would really depends on where you are right now, what your challenges and the need for your business. Having UX strategy helps us understand what direction we need to take for the UI design. That way your investment on the project will not only give you clarity on the current challenges, but also understand what are the plans we need to put in place to help you solve the issue and get you the results you’re looking for.

Our UI/UX packages starts at $5,000. Let’s chat more to see how we can help.

UI/UX projects typically take 2-12 weeks to complete. The timeline really depends on what challenges you’re facing now and how we can help you get there.


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