Featured: Best Leadpages Landing Page May–June 2015

Give us a high five for getting one of our landing page that we created using Leadpages featured on their blog. It was added to their Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from May–June 2015. Woohoo! Check the full feature here. What Stands Out: It’s a LeadPage™ about LeadPages®! Sort of. Marketing and […]

Really Cool PR & Branding Idea: Prescription Bottle

These days it’s hard to stand out amongst the business crowd, so you really do have to get creative to grab peoples attention. The other day we were at a local multi-chamber of commerce business event called the Chocolate & Champagne event where we got to see some interesting things. One of which caught out creative […]

Need Business Card Ideas & Inspirations? Try CardFaves.com

Business cards are an extension of your professionalism, or there lack of, and brand image. If you have a cheap business card, that says something about you. If on the other hand you have an extremely over the top creative one … well, that says something else. The business card, no matter what you think […]

A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over Sheep

A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep. It’s a very true statement which I think all of us designers, programmers, and CEO’s alike need to take to heart. Why worry about the musings of trolls and bigots when we could be listening to productive advice and opinions from those that matter?

Oreo Wins The SuperBowl For Best Ad

The Oreo team was at the right place at the right time. They had the tools, the means and the will power to accomplish something amazing within 10 minutes. See, during this 2013 Superbowl there just happened to be a massive power outage. Most people would think: “oh noes! this is bad!” The Oreo team […]

Funny: This Is How A Freelancer Can Be Described

While browsing around on the inter-tubes, I found this rather silly graphic. It describes a typical freelancer. The graphic is by Neil Gaiman (I think).   source: http://clientsfromhell.net/post/23488091562

Office Inspirations: Wood Meets Future At Ubiquitous

What’s brown and white with technology inside? It’s the Ubiquitous offices! This is truly an office space to marvel at. Based on modern warm wood tones mixed in with old factory elements, this office space really does kick it up a notch. Everything from the stairs to the lamps to the carpeting has been well […]

Glenview Chamber Women Roundtable Lunch

It’s not everyday that we got to hangout and have a nice lunch with other women in business who are part of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce. Even special because today Ari got a chance to be a speaker for the lunch this month. She will be speaking about how a good design means a […]