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How to Improve Conversion Rate: 5 Questions to Make Your User Experience Better

Every business owner surely wants to improve conversion rate on their website. To achieve that, you need to understand what your users need. But before looking from your users’ POV, why don’t you answer these two questions first?

  • Why do you create a company website?
  • What is the goal of your website — to attract a lot of traffic, get a lot of conversions, raise your brand awareness… or are you building a website just for the sake of having one?

We’re sure the answer to the last question is no.

A company website is a powerful tool to convert your visitors into leads, and leads into customers. However, that doesn’t happen instantly.

There is a process or journey that your users (website visitors and leads) go through. When thoroughly mapped out right, your website can seamlessly guide them through this user journey until they decide they want to trust, engage with, or buy from you.

If you want to guide your users and improve conversion rate on your website, answer these questions

1. “What is this website about?”

It might be clear to you what your company is offering through your website, but that might not be the case for the users.

Keep in mind that they are not familiar with your business. They could even be first-time visitors who have never heard of your brand before until they clicked on that Facebook Ad.

To make sure every user understands, your website homepage or landing page needs to lay out this information:

The details of your products or services

  • The benefits of using your products or services
  • How they can solve your users’ problems or make their lives easier
  • The quality of the materials, ingredients, or technology used
  • How much they cost

Your target audience

Your products are not made for every single person on earth. If your users do make a purchase, will it be for themselves, their parents, kids, or friends?

2. “How does this thing work?”

After getting to know your products, your users will want to know how to use them. Some information you can emphasize includes:

  • Product guidelines or how-to-use
  • One-off purchases or subscription-based?
  • Direct use, demo first, or consultation first?
  • Plans or packages (if available) and the list of features

3. “Can I trust this brand?”

Oh, the good ol’ trust — what does it take to make someone believe in you?

First-time users will not blindly trust your brand unless they’ve seen some proof. So if you want to have them trust you and improve conversion rate, you need to provide the following information on your website:

  • Real product pictures
  • Customer reviews
  • Awards, achievements, and certifications
  • Media mentions and social shares
  • About your business — background, address, customer service, etc.

4. “I’m hooked! How do I buy or sign up?”

Great! Now your users are ready for conversion. Let’s make sure you make the process easy and fast for them, so they continue to trust you and don’t waver or change their minds halfway down the payment road.

  • Test your CTA buttons, make sure they’re working and the copy is clear
  • Inform your users if they need to sign up or create an account first
  • Let them know if they will be redirected to another site for payment or purchase
  • List down the payment methods you provide

5. “I have paid. Now what?”

Never leave your users feeling lost, especially after they become customers by purchasing something. Provide a delightful after-sale service so they know what to expect and what to do next.

These are some actions you can take (or even automate) to continue guiding your users after the conversion takes place:

  • Redirect them to a thank-you page — where you can also invite them to join your newsletter
  • Send a confirmation email, notification, or chat
  • Send booking reminders or shipping updates
  • Send personalized promotional emails on a bi-weekly or monthly basis

Doing this means your user journey continues. It can lead to repeat orders or your users advocating your brand to their friends, which means you improve conversion rate on your website.

Provide a better user journey and improve conversion rate

Your brand exists to help better your users’ lives. But that can only happen if they convert into customers.

To improve conversion rate, your website needs to answer the questions users ask before conversion — so they trust your brand, enjoy exploring your website, and eventually convert into leads or even customers.

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