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Top 5 Things to Improve User Experience on Your Website

A good store makes visitors feel comfortable and happy to spend more than a few more minutes browsing. A good website should be able to do that, too, and you can have that if you improve user experience.

But, how? There are over 200M active websites available out there. The competition is quite tough!

Here we have compiled the 5 things that make a good website and improve the user experience for your customers.

1. Clarity

Users want to know what website they’re visiting from the first glance of the screen.

If the homepage content is too vague and explains nothing, users will soon leave feeling they just wasted a click. To avoid that, here is some of the key information you need to display on your homepage:

  • The business, organization, or person’s name (i.e. a personal brand website)
  • What you offer and how it can solve your customers’ problems
  • How you’re different from your competitors
  • Anything to prove you’re trustworthy like testimonials, office address, awards, certifications, etc.

2. Easy, Seamless Navigation

Imagine going to a supermarket that has zero signs and poor product placement. You’ll get lost in the cleaning items while searching for a box of orange juice. And you’ll soon leave for another store nearby.

In a similar way, confusing website navigation can easily drive your customers away. Consider revisiting your information architecture and see if everything is clear even for first-time visitors.

Other than that, your website also needs to have:

  • Fast loading time
  • Clear menu and buttons, or great UX copywriting
  • Functional search bar
  • Mobile-optimized (so it’s not killing them to browse on their phone)

3. Attractive and Pleasing UX Design

Did you know that 83% of people agree that they enjoy a good-looking website? With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in professional graphic design services to support your website’s visual look.

However, never sacrifice functionality for the sake of beauty. And remember to stay aligned with your brand identity when choosing your images, icons, animations, and colors.

4. Fresh, Relevant Content

One of the key pieces of information you need to display on your website is what product or service your offer and how it can help solve your customers’ problems. In other words, people visit websites to find solutions that better their lives

So, if your content is irrelevant to their purpose, or if they can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, 50% of people will leave, never to return again.

Here’s an example. If you sell beauty products, maybe they’re cruelty-free, offer dozens of different shades, or have degradable packaging. Show all these qualities on your website so that when environment-conscious people visit your website, they’ll be easily hooked.

5. Compelling Brand Story

A website without a brand story is easily forgettable. If you want a remarkable website, try fusing your brand story into the design & content that users enjoy.

Show your users the values and purposes of your business, something that goes beyond making sales and profits. Maybe your business exists to help couples who are trying to conceive, or maybe to connect mental health patients with psychologists and psychiatrists. Remember that these can be similar or even the same as the founder’s personal values.

If you want to find out more about building a brand story and digital marketing, check out our complete guide here.

It Takes More than UX Design to Improve User Experience

Now you may have seen that user experience goes beyond UX design. It is also related to the content, branding, and even technical stuff like information architecture and page speed. Long story short, user experience is a team responsibility. Working with cross-department colleagues will help you improve user experience of your website in a cohesive way.

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