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How To Enhance Your Marketing Videos Easily With AI Video Editing Software

With all the buzz about artificial intelligence, have you heard about AI video editing software?

“The development of AI is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone”.

This is a statement from Bill Gates’ post, “The Age of AI has begun.” Which we believe is true as more and more industries apply artificial intelligence to their business models and operations, including video marketing.

In this post, we’ll look at how video editing software with AI can help you make better marketing videos.

1. Streamlined video editing

If you’ve ever used video editing software, you know that it can be a time-consuming task. You have to find the right clips, cut them up correctly with attention to detail, and add music and graphics.

With AI-powered video editing software, you can do all of these things with a single click. AI will scan through your footage and find the best-fitting clips for each scene. Then, it’ll create cuts that flow together seamlessly without making you spend hours on edits.

This may sound like magic if it’s your first time reading about AI video editors, but this is now possible. Take a look at this simple example.

AI video editing software can remove background easily.

AI can automatically detect and remove background from video footage or images, allowing marketers to superimpose subjects onto different backgrounds.

2. Customization and branding

You can create and save your own brand kit that you can use to create videos for different marketing campaigns. This means you don’t have to start from scratch whenever you want to create a video. You can simply select your brand kit, and your brand elements, like logo and color palette, will be automatically added to the video.

AI video editors offer a vast library of pre-designed templates with different types and styles. You can select a template, customize it to match your branding, and have a polished video ready faster than you can say “artificial intelligence.”

AI video editors come with various templates.

3. Efficient video generation

Say you recorded a demo video of your product only to find out that your neighbor’s dog barking in the background has disrupted the audio quality, or you realize that your eyes are moving too quickly between the script and the camera, affecting the video’s professional appearance.

Using an AI video editor, you can quickly address these problems. The software can employ audio enhancement algorithms to reduce background noise and prioritize your voice. And for your eye movement, AI-powered eye contact correction features can effortlessly adjust the timing and focus of your gaze, giving you a composed and confident appearance throughout the video.

Correct eye contact without reshooting with AI video editing software.

Now, you don’t have to reshoot your video multiple times.

4. Multichannel marketing

AI video editors also cater to multichannel marketing needs. It’s important to adapt your video content for different marketing channels. For example, social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have different requirements for video size. 

You can create a single master video and then use AI algorithms to automatically resize and format it for different platforms.

Resize marketing videos easily with AI video editors.

Top AI Video Editing Software

Below are some must-check tools for your video editing needs:

  • Synthesia: This advanced software uses natural language processing and deep learning to generate lifelike video content from diverse human avatars.
  • Wisecut: Wisecut has powerful features such as motion tracking, face replacement, retiming, and much more.
  • VEED: VEED has a great online video editor with a lot of features including eye contact correction, video downloader, and AI image generator.
  • InVideo: This is a video tool that creates a video using the prompt you feed into it.
  • Filmora: Filmora also offers advanced AI tools like object tracking, object removal, and audio mixing.

Be it a TikTok video or a sales demo, AI video editing software can help you create awesome videos. Don’t miss out on these video editing tools, and use them to create your next marketing masterpiece.

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